With the release of factsheet by Talent Management Institute (TMI) quite a disturbing trend in the field of talent management has come to fore. It is disturbing because in the coming future there will be huge gap between demand and supply of talent management professionals. Fortunately, in 2018 organizations realized this fact, there was an upward surge in demand for talent management professionals. While the trend of rise in demand for talent management professionals will continue in 2019 as well, there will also be some challenges that talent managers will have to face.

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The gap in the demand and the availability of talent management professionals across the world is growing wider with each passing year. In the face of one of the most severe skill shortages in two decades, the dearth of capable and certified talent managers are being felt in corporations across the planet. According to Linkedin Data, the demand for talent managers will outstrip supply by far in four years. TMI’s talent management opportunities and challenges 2019 outlines the global scenario in talent management and the biggest challenges the global talent manager is expected to face in 2019. The
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TMI’s Factsheet highlights talent management opportunities in 2019. It focuses on the Talent management roles and importance of talent managers to prevent talent deficit.

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Talent Management Institute's Senior Talent Management Practitioner Credential validates mastery over policy making capabilities and Strategic Human Capital Management.

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The Talent Management Practitioner Certification qualifies your expertise for HR and HCM jobs worldwide, in compliance with the highest standards in the HR profession.

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The TMI Professional Certifications demonstrate international standards of excellence in HR and Talent Management. Validated Expertise and Competence in Talent Management.

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Talent Management Institute is the world's largest certification and credentialing body for HR, HCM and Talent Management Professionals, across 183+ countries.

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